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Various Heavy Equipment used in Construction

In the construction sector, it is common to use heavy equipment, because heavy equipment is very helpful in carrying out construction activities. In the past many construction activities were carried out manually and took a long time, now they are shortened with the help of heavy equipment.

The use of heavy equipment facilitates the process of construction work, so that construction becomes faster, easier, in accordance with expectations based on conditions and situations in the field.

Heavy equipment that is used incorrectly, can lead to low levels of productivity, non-achievement of schedules and additional costs, this can be detrimental. Therefore, it is necessary to know in advance what heavy equipment is needed by knowing and understanding the types and functions of each heavy equipment.

In everyday life, you may rarely see various kinds of heavy equipment because they are designed for special jobs, you can see them in construction projects, factories, industries or mining sites.

Heavy equipment was deliberately created so that heavy work can be completed quickly, from digging, moving goods to carrying other heavy objects.

The types of heavy equipment in addition to construction work also include agriculture, transport trucks, tractors, mining and other activities on a large scale.

Various Construction Heavy Equipment

Not only sophisticated but heavy equipment that has a super large size deliberately created so that heavy work can be completed faster, there are many types ranging from excavation, moving goods to carrying other heavy objects, including:

1. Heavy Equipment Dozer (Loader) or Bulldozer

One of the heavy equipment that is commonly used to handle project materials, especially materials from excavations or piles of material, such as sand, soil or rocks.

There is a bucket on the heavy equipment dozer so that this tool has another name front end dozer, where there are two types of dozers that are often used in construction, namely crawler tractor dozers (centipede wheels) and wheel tractor dozers (bulldozers with rubber wheels).

This bulldozer has a disadvantage, namely the distance is too short / not far, but is able to withstand very heavy loads.

2. Excavator Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment that is often used in construction projects to suit the field or work area, is generally divided into several types according to the digger on the front. All types of excavators have one thing in common, namely that the propulsion device in the form of tires or crawlers allows it to operate on rough or less dense surfaces and does not require a lot of moving.

Excavators are soil diggers that can also be used as a means of moving and transporting materials into trucks, but unfortunately they cannot be used over long distances.

3. Heavy Equipment Crane

Construction project heavy equipment that can be seen from afar, has a large height and size to lift material to be moved, both vertically and horizontally within a certain distance that is needed in construction and is capable of digging holes to a depth of 140 feet.

Cranes have various types in operation and must choose the one that really suits the conditions of the project being worked on, because it will have a major impact on the project and affect the time and profits and losses of the project.

4. Heavy Equipment Wheel Loaders and Track Loaders

A tool that has the same function as a dozer, is used to transfer material from one tool to another in a short distance.

Wheel loaders and track loaders have very short mileage because they only move material, while conveyances can travel long distances such as trucks.

Wheel loaders are very suitable and efficient for use in flat, dry and sturdy work areas because they use rubber wheels and have high mobility, with wheels that can be moved freely in certain directions such as a car making flexible movement space.

5. Heavy Equipment Fuso Tow Truck

A tow truck that is included in the category of the most advanced heavy equipment in the world, because of its spider-like shape that is able to lift all kinds of objects with robotic hands like a transformer film, able to grip everything in front of it with ease.

6. Heavy Equipment Motor Scrapper

A heavy equipment is used to cut embankment slopes or dam slopes, excavate soil between concrete structures and level roads.

The working process of this tool is capable of excavating the soil surface to a thickness of 2.5 mm and stockpiling to a minimum thickness of 2.5 mm, but can only transport over short distances.

7. Heavy Equipment Motor Grader

Heavy equipment that functions to level the mechanical land clearing and eviction, leveling embankments, mixing soil, backfilling excavations and so on.

A sorter as a means of (transport) design with large cutters to create a flat surface, has three axles with taxi and engine/motor placed on the rear axle of the vehicle and the blade in the middle. Used as a finishing process (leveling) of hard/rough surfaces such as tractors and scrapers.

8. Heavy Equipment Asphalt Finisher

The type of heavy equipment to spread hot mix asphalt asphalt produced from asphalt production equipment, namely Asphalt Mixing Plant (AMP) on the road surface to be worked on.

The disadvantage of this type of heavy equipment is that the rotation of the centipede wheel takes longer, because the rubber wheel has a coarser threshold.

Asphalt finisher has two types of crawlers used using a track and a type of rubber wheel (wheeled). Asphalt finisher with this type of track spread is smoother and flatter, compared to asphalt finisher using rubber wheels of the same size. The role of the asphalt finisher is very large, especially the work of hardening and re-coating, it can also anticipate all kinds of asphalt.

9. Mobile Crane Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment mobile cranes are used as material carriers, their use is easier because they can move places easily.

The disadvantage of this heavy equipment can not be used on the surface of the water.

10. Heavy Equipment Pneumatic Tire Roller

The type of heavy equipment used in grinding granular materials is also rolling hot mix layers with air pressure rubber wheels. The greater the tire pressure, the greater the pressure that occurs on the ground, so the amount of pressure can be done by changing the wheel pressure, it is not used on rocky and sharp ground because it accelerates wheel damage.

The number of tired roller wheels ranges from 9-19 wheels, for example the machine uses 9 wheels, the front axle is installed with 4 wheels, the wheel pressure reaches 6-109 bar, the machine weight is 15-200 tons, where the pressure in the air tires can vary according to soil conditions and compaction stage.

11. Heavy Equipment Concrete Batching Plant

The type of heavy equipment that has the function of mixing or producing concrete in large production.

This heavy equipment is used so that the production of ready mix concrete is maintained in good quality, according to standards, the slump test value and trend are stable.

The disadvantage of this machine is that it is only for weighing concrete.

12. Tower Crane Heavy Equipment

This type of heavy equipment is often used to build bridges, high-rise buildings and apartments.

The tower crane has the function of transporting building construction materials or materials from above to the parts above.

Load lifting machine to facilitate the construction process, especially in high-rise buildings, where the size can reach a height of 100 meters above the ground.